For Trilogy Environmental Systems and it’s corporate stakeholders, the HWDS and the technology that is being developed has always been bigger than just a commercial product.

In a world that is being made increasingly aware of the growing water crisis in many nations and regions, Trilogy has been built around a mission to provide potable water to the people and the places that need it most. More than just a corporate catch phrase or a sustainability sales pitch, we are firm believers that a triple-bottom-line approach is vital to doing business in the 21st Century.

Trilogy remains committed to do it’s part to create significant social impact through the distribution of it’s product to critical water scarce areas and through key partnerships with groups and individuals in the areas in need. We are committed to ongoing charitable involvement and development as we work toward a world where people from all areas and walks of life have access to the water they need for drinking and sanitation.

The Trilogy HWDS is a product designed with these considerations in mind, and our design and development processes are guided by this mission.