With all of our units designed and constructed to fit within a standard-size shipping container, the versatility, application, and practicality provide far reaching benefits and possibilities. Additionally, the upfront cost of a portable unit is considerably less than a stand-alone plant and can be moved to various locations at any given time. Listed below are several possible applications that showcase the portability of the Trilogy HWDS.

Military use

Disaster response


Seaside resorts




Given the far reaching possibilities and applications for desalination, the ability to adapt our units to fit a wide range of different functions was highly important in the development and research of our technology. For this reason the Trilogy HWDS comes shipped with a series of standardized features along with optional additions that can scaled and customized to accommodate the scope, application, and water demand required. Units can be scaled to accommodate anywhere between 80,000 litres to 4,000,000 litres per day in water input.


The Trilogy HWDS was designed specifically for markets where water samples contain significantly high amounts of saline. Unlike other purification systems that are designed to run optimally for brackish sources of water, the unique process utilized by the HWDS has been optimized to process ocean and sea water from locations around the world that have no option other than desalination. We understand how important water is to our world and it is our objective to build and design our technology for regions and areas of the world that need fresh water the most.

Energy Efficient

The system’s hybrid design utilize the high pressure required to remove salt and other impurities by using the water itself as a way to generate energy and move water through the process, therefore using significantly less energy than other desalination systems.

Durability & Maintenance

All of the components and membranes used in the Trilogy HWDS are sourced from high quality suppliers with experience and reputation within the water industry. With daily automatic maintenance routines, the lifespan and effectiveness of our membranes is extended while simultaneously minimizing the degree of onsite maintenance.

Cost Savings

Cost savings are realizes on two fronts:
1) The process and hybrid design increase throughput efficiency thereby reducing the conversion cost per litre significantly
2) Increased water recovery rates result in equivalent amounts of energy used while producing more potable water