Hybrid Water Desalination System

Designed and constructed with applied research partner SAIT Polytechnic, Trilogy Environmental Systems has developed and patented (pending) the Trilogy Hybrid Water Desalination System (Trilogy HWDS™). The goal and purpose of the system is to maximize fresh water output while using the least amount of energy possible.

Housed in a 15-metre shipping container, the system uses a high-pressure reverse osmosis process to convert ocean water or sea water into fresh potable water in less than half an hour. The system and process is capable of processing up to four million litres of drinking water per day (input), which is enough to supply approximately 47,000 people with fresh water daily. In addition to removing the salt, the system also filters and treats the water for microbes and other disease-causing organisms and impurities, thereby producing a finished product that meets and exceeds global water standards.

The system’s flexible modular design allows easy process scale-up; thus smaller or larger capacities can be accommodated by adjusting the membrane areas and resizing the peripheral equipment to accommodate our customer’s application and needs. Additionally, the Trilogy HWDS™ is equipped with climate control along with a booster pump that can move filtered water to external storage containers or into a civic mainline.

The innovative Trilogy HWDS™ combines hybrid power systems and hybrid water treatment using advanced membranes and evaporator technologies in a unique 8 step configuration that provide maximum fresh water recovery from saline or sea water. All of which can be controlled and monitored from a friendly computer interface with automatic cleaning routines, process alarms, and failure shutdown.

The demonstration/prototype plant is rated to supply 1,600 people with clean water daily (based on 23 hours of operation) with a recovery rate in excess of 50% for North Pacific Ocean water. The recovery rate can vary according to water characteristics and operation conditions.

How It Works?

The system consists of a unique configuration of advanced membranes with a series of proprietary clean technologies that not only produce superior throughput that meet and exceed global standards, but simultaneously work in unison to execute maximum fresh water recovery from water samples containing saline water. Read More


The Trilogy Hybrid Water Desalination System (HWDS) offers a wide spectrum of product features with built-in energy saving hybrid technology. Read More