The Trilogy HWDS  was designed specifically for markets where the salinity content within the water is extremely high. In order to achieve maximum performance at the lowest possible cost, the HWDS focuses on three different aspects of the water purification process that produce the purest and bacteria free throughput. The process is as follows:

The system consists of a unique configuration of advanced membranes with a series of proprietary clean technologies that not only produce superior throughput that meet and exceed global standards, but simultaneously work in unison to execute maximum fresh water recovery from water samples containing saline or sea water. Built around the following key standard components presented below, along with numerous other components, processes, and procedures, the Trilogy HWDS is equipped to deliver quality fresh water in a fast, efficient, and cost effective manner.

Key Components


Removes all of the small particles larger than 0.01 microns and reduces turbidity. The Ultrafiltration skid provides the best in-class filter for ocean and sea water.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is the most commonly utilized filtration membrane in the Desalination Process. The HWDS maximizes the use of the Reverse Osmosis process by operating at 1,000 PSIG thereby recovering energy from the process pump system by sending the reject water back through a parallel pump and using the system’s pressure to reduce electrical costs with no loss of performance.


Much like reverse osmosis, nanofiltration functions in similar fashion but with a different purpose. Instead of removing monovalent ions like sodium and chloride, nanofiltration membranes eliminate divalent and larger ions like salt, nitrate, iron, and other organic compounds in the form of pesticides, herbicides, and THM precursors.


  • “Clean-in-place” membrane cleaning system
  • Scale Inhibitor Injection System
  • All low pressure piping is schedule 80 PVC. All high pressure piping is 316L stainless steel
  • Electronic controls (PLC), electronic pressure and flow sensors with computer interface
  • Branch circuit protection and step down transformer for lights and utility power
  • Double end doors and personnel door in container
  • 2 ½” thick foam insulation throughout the inside of the container
  • Feed, permeate, reject, and power connections on outside of container