Chris Ramgopal, President & CEO

Prior to Chris’ journey with Trilogy, He spent 25 years living in the GCC countries where he built a successful career and established significant contacts. Using the knowledge, experience, and network acquired through dealings and prior ventures in Kuwait and other GCC countries, Trilogy was built with this specific region in mind. Trilogy’s success has been a product of dedication and drive to make a lasting impact and leave behind a legacy that all of the company’s stakeholders can be proud to be a part of.

SAIT Polytechnic, Engineering and Development Partner

With over 96 years of history in education, entrepreneurship, and applied research and development, SAIT Polytechnic has become a world-class institution that is highly regarded and respected in the Calgary community and abroad. Totalling 71,098 registrants with over 180,000 alumni in 60 countries, SAIT provides and fosters an environment where young and bright minds are able to learn and excel.  With one of the leading water programs in North America, SAIT Polytechnic’s partnership with Trilogy Environmental Systems aim to change the lives of millions by providing the research facility, world-class engineers, and years of trusted expertise needed to build the most versatile, energy efficient, and portable desalination systems yet. Committed to constant improvement, SAIT looks to make a global impact with their symbiotic involvement with Trilogy and its vision for the future.