Trilogy Environmental Systems Inc. is a Canadian company established in 2007. Having grown up in India and the Middle East, Trilogy’s founders experienced firsthand young boys and girls walking miles daily to the water well with large buckets balanced on their heads. After witnessing the world’s incredible need for water, the journey commenced to build a company with a focus on three important aspects:

I. Financially Viable

Build, design, and acquire products, processes, and technologies that are superior to the competition.

II. Environmentally Sustainable

Reduce and eliminate harmful emissions produced during desalination and other water purification processes through the utilization of clean technologies

III. Lasting Social Impact

Provide water for hope to those who need it most.

Despite challenges and setbacks, driven by a passion to touch the world, in 2010 the dream came alive with the help of SAIT Polytechnic (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology). Signing a contract to design and build the first ever Hybrid Water Desalination System (HWDS) with SAIT, the fabrication process of the initial prototype was completed in 2011 with analysis and tests conducted in Vancouver, Canada in 2012. With all of the results meeting appropriate purification standards, the HWDS was deemed ready for the global market.

With every unit sold, Trilogy looks to rewrite history by impacting the lives of thousands every single day. With a devotion to pursue and continue researching technologies that reduce costs and increase efficiency, Trilogy strives to provide a solution to the world’s greatest need through a system that is scalable, reliable, and environmentally friendly.


Trilogy Milestones


  • Testing of HWDS prototype
  • HWDS Technology patent filing completion / Patent pending
  • Negotiations with Sri Lankan government pending visit
  • Selected as 1 of 25 Honourees for 2012 ASTech Awards
  • Finalization and validation of technology


  • Provisional USA & Canadian patents filed for HWDS
  • Negotiations with USA based water group(s) for licensing HWDS technology for USA
  • Patent accepted
  • Contacted Alberta Government regarding funding for Alberta manufacturing plant
  • HWDS prototype completed with successful results
  • New additions and enhancements discovered and to be added


  • Contract with SAIT signed to design and build exclusive Hybrid Water Desalination System (HWDS) prototype
  • Extra Provincially registered in Alberta


  • Trilogy meets with SAIT and presents business plan and concept


  • Visit to Kuwait
  • Signs MOU with leading law firm to joint venture for Kuwait and GCC operations


  • Incorporated in Ontario
  • Signed funding agreement with USA based company to acquire five well established small water company’s based in Ontario
  • Water company’s to relocate to Kuwait, set up manufacturing plant, and commence operations in Kuwait
  • Global financial meltdown – funding agreement from USA company rescinded