Frank Condron – Profit Magazine

“Ramgopal is now in the process of shopping his completed desalination unit, which is housed in a standard, 48-foot shipping container, around his main target markets in the Middle East and India, where freshwater availability and quality are ongoing challenges. “You can just truck the container where you need it along the coast, throw the hose in the sea, and, within half an hour, you have drinking water—from 5,000 gallons a day to one million gallons a day,” he explains.” Read More

SAIT Newsroom

 “A refreshing glass of water can offer relief following a long, hot day in the sun but for many people that simple pleasure is not easily accessible. SAIT Polytechnic in partnership with Trilogy Environmental Systems Inc. is aiming to change that by developing more efficient and affordable ways to bring fresh, clean drinking water to the homes of millions of people in need.” Read More