Trilogy Environmental Systems Inc. currently has opportunities available for investors to be involved in the ongoing development and growth of the business. At the present, Trilogy Environmental Systems Inc. is a privately held company, incorporated in Canada.

Trilogy presents an opportunity for investors to be involved in a company that seeks a true triple-bottom line approach. Our desalination units are designed to provide a better quality of life to thousands of people in water-scarce areas, while at the same time doing everything with the smallest environmental impact possible. We believe it’s possible to invest in businesses that are profitable while benefiting our planet, and Trilogy strives to be one of those businesses. With ongoing research and development, Trilogy is also a company that is continuing to design and develop new ways of increasing efficiency, reducing energy usage, and expanding the scope of water that can be treated. We believe that water will be one of the most significant natural resource problems of the 21st century, and we want to do our part in contributing to the solution for years to come.

For investor relations, please contact:

Chris Ramgopal
President & CEO