Trilogy Environmental Systems Inc. is a Canadian-founded clean technology company based out of Calgary, Canada and Colombo, Sri Lanka that create, develop, and market environmental solution technologies worldwide, with a focus on water desalination, purification, and reuse products. Trilogy’s groundbreaking technologies and research include: mobile desalination systems, frac/produced water treatment for the Alberta Oil Sands, and the integration of solar technology to help assist and solve some of the world’s greatest social and environmental problems.

With a global vision, Trilogy has a vested interest in creating and marketing technologies that are designed to aid in building a safe and sustainable future. We recognize that water plays a significant role not only in maintaining a healthy ecosystem but in providing life to humanity. Currently, Trilogy is focused on supplying the coastal regions of India and Sri Lanka, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, Australia, and Canada with end-to-end water solution technologies.

Our filtration technology portfolio is designed to treat a wide spectrum of feed water sources that span across surface water treatment, industrial water treatment, and waste water treatment. We specialize specifically in custom designed solutions for large or small scale water treatment projects. The small operation footprint of our water filtration systems equate to a greater and more efficient filtration area, increasing the overall output of product water.Together with research and development partner SAIT Polytechnic, our collective passion is to continue developing new integrated technologies that require less energy, more product water, with low to no environmental impact. Driven with purpose, we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence.

Trilogy offers purification systems that are durable, low maintenance,  small in operational footprint, versatile in application,  cost effective, and low in power consumption. Our objective is to customize ideal solutions for our clients by using, integrating, and combining our purification technologies. We take great pride in each project and helping solve your water specific challenges.

Our History

Birthed during one of the world’s greatest financial collapses, Trilogy Environmental Systems Inc. was established in 2007 by founders Chris and Guity Ramgopal. Having grown up in India and the Middle East for most of his life, Chris experienced firsthand young boys and girls walking miles daily to the water well… Read More

Our Team

With over 96 years of history in education, entrepreneurship, and applied research and development, SAIT Polytechnic has become a world-class institution that is highly regarded and respected in the Calgary community and abroad… Read More

Why Water?

Water is a necessity that all humans require for survival. It enables life and our existence by providing the means to produce food, sanitation, bathing, drinking, and numerous other uses that are depended upon for daily life… Read More

Media Coverage

Trilogy Environmental Systems has been featured in a variety of news media and publications. Take a look at excerpts from news articles and download the full articles to read at your convenience. Read More

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Trilogy welcomes all sales, media, and general inquiries. Feel free to give us a call, send us an email, or contact us through the built in contact form right here on the website. Read More